Jay Mollica


A selection of press from over the years.

Sea Change at Pérez Art Museum Miami
May, 2024

A profile of our efforts in digital art at PAMM
March, 2024

Move over Netflix. This Miami art museum is launching its own streaming service
Miami Herald
September, 2023

Internet_Art: From the Birth of the Web to the Rise of NFTs
I was profiled in the chapter "The Rise of the Digital"
Omar Kholeif / Phaidon
April, 2023

Why the Crypto Winter Could Actually Be a Good Thing for Digital Art and Engagement
Artnet / The Gray Market
December, 2022

Jay Mollica: On Taking the Art World Digital
Artmatcher Podcast
December, 2021

The surprisingly positive power of texting, according to science
Washington Post
July, 2018

San Francisco’s Museum Of Modern Art Responds To Texts With Art: TODAY Gives It A Try
Today Show
July, 2017


I sometimes write about my work in museums, design, and technology. Here’s a selection of writing from over the years.

We Are Where We Piss
Outline (archived)
January, 2020

Rethink: Web
Open Space (archived)
October, 2018

The Absolute Denial of 💩
Open Space (archived)
July, 2018

SFMOMA + Net Neutrality
May, 2018

Sending “Send Me SFMOMA” Abroad
September, 2017

June, 2017

Jay Mollica

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