Choose your own adventure tours through art and culture. Inspired by the Situationist “Theory of Dérive”.

Research @ NYU | 2021


YouTurn is a method for rapid and fluid exploration of a complex subject. Taking a form inspired by the dichotomous key, a method for identifying species of plants and animals, YouTurn allows for repetition and exploration, no two paths through a tour have to be the same.

The simple interface implores a user to progress through a series of options to learn more about the topic –and perhaps their own interests as well. A user can then opt to replay their tour, share it with friends or start over again to choose an entirely different path through the subject.

Inspired by museum audio tours, the relationship between digital interaction and memory, and Guy Debord’s “Theory of Dérive”, YouTurn is here to help you navigate the intricacies of thorny subjects in an improvisational yet controlled system of choices.