• The Aesthetics of Piss

    How an open air urinal inadvertently became San Francisco’s monument to public urination.

  • Send Me SFMOMA

    Anyone in the US can text 572-51 with a word or emoji and get back an artwork.

  • Rethink: Web

    The web became efficient rather than engaging, uniform rather than evocative; a series of frameworks and walled gardens meant to reduce the user’s expressive agency. The metaphors of site and page prevailed…Might we provoke reflection regarding the largely ignored capabilities of expression the web provides?

  • The Absolute Denial of ?

    An examination of corporate censorship of emojis.

  • SFMOMA + Net Neutrality

    In 2018 I led the effort that made SFMOMA the first museum in America to support Net Neutrality.

  • Sending “Send Me SFMOMA” Abroad

    After Send Me SFMOMA went viral, appearing in news outlets around the world, the interest in making the service available to international audiences was resounding.