The California Academy of Sciences

My work at the California Academy of Sciences touched many aspects of the organization from core business needs to essential public facing initiatives.

California Academy of Sciences Location: San Francisco, California Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop

As technical lead during the 2014 redesign of, I worked with teams across the museum to deliver a site that completely modernized the web platforms for the organization.  My work on this project included technical management, web development, deployment architecture, revenue platforms, support of scientific research and education initiatives, security and caching.

In 2014, the museum also sought to modernize its aquarium displays from static screens to interactive tablets.  I worked with the exhibition and design departments to deliver an easy to update web-based solution that still drives hundreds of tablets and signage throughout the museum.

When I arrived at the organization in 2011 the ticketing software was in need of an update.  Working with various departmental stakeholders, I updated and modernized the UI. The result was a more secure, responsive and extendable code base used by thousands of people every year driving millions of dollars in revenue for the organization.