An SMS based method of searching SFMOMA’s collection, Send Me SFMOMA ran from 2017-2020, found millions of users and garnered global coverage.

The project allowed anyone in the US to text SFMOMA with a word, color or emoji to search the collection. Providing the public with a unique way to explore art proved wildly popular; Send Me SFMOMA went viral in the summer of 2017 as millions of people texted the museum. It was featured in thousands of news outlets including the New York Times, The Guardian, Hyperallergic and The Today Show.

Send Me SFMOMA won numerous awards including a Webby for best app by a cultural institution. The project was also named #1 Most Memorable Marketing Campaign of 2017 by Forbes and landed SFMOMA on Fast Company’s list of most innovative companies.

In the months following the success of the project I talked to museums around the world about democratizing access to their collections.