The View

An in-progress mixed-media research project into modern browser interactions inspired by the view from my kitchen window.

Experience @ Independent | 2019 - Present


“The house’s welcome is so genuine that even what may be seen from the windows belongs to it.”

From The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

For the initial concept, I drew upon The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, a book I recently read that places emphasis on the lived-experiences of spaces rather than their structural or historical origins. Ellsworth Kelly’s depiction of shadows cast through a railing inspired me to use my (quite limited) view as the foundation of an exercise in geometric abstraction.

The form and palette of each view were meant to convey key principles of gestaltism: reification, multistability and invariance.

Interactions were meant to foreground the “user as performer” concepts outlined in the work of Muriel Cooper and Brenda Laurel’s Computers As Theater.

Over time, this project is meant to grow into a portfolio of “micro-interactions” each with its own isolated exploration of a browser / mobile / or otherwise digital interaction. I see this project as a sort of spiritual successor to John Maeda’s Reactive Books series (c 1990s), which explores the subtleties of human-computer interaction and how the rapid development of digital tools has changed how we work.