State of Project #2

November 9, 2020

  • what is my starting question?
  • what am I researching?
  • why am I interested in it?
  • what effect would I like to produce in participants (users, publics, audience)?
  • In as plain language as possible: describe the format you have in mind for your project. (ie “it is a shoe that allows its wearers to pollinate flowers; it is a mobile app that asks users to notice noise pollution.”) 

There is still a lot I am trying to piece together for this project. I don’t really think any of the branches of my systems map feel right at this point. The dearth of solid information about the artist has lead me down more experiential or aesthetic leaning forms. I’m most interested in feedback about ideas for my forms. The two I am leaning most toward now are a speculative monograph with empty space for the artist to fill in or a series of wall paper patterns styled after his prints.

I started this project thinking I was researching an artist, but I feel more and more I’m researching the space around the artist. The history of art he experienced, the shifting aesthetics he was swept up in, the trail of prints he left behind that are often found sun bleached in consignment stores.

I remain interested in finding out more biographical details of Simon Tashimoto, however the likelihood of discovering anything meaningful for this project seems scant.

With almost no biographical details, I like the idea of creating a purely aesthetic form. Something like a wall paper pattern, blocks or tiles. But I’m not sure how the experience would take place.