A portfolio of digital properties critical to SFMOMA’s mission and business needs.

Web @ SFMOMA | 2015 - 2019


In October 2015, the new SFMOMA brand identity and website launched, giving me the privilege of launching the sites of two of the world’s largest museums within a year of each other.

My support of sfmoma.org began with the introduction of the new brand in October of 2015. Looking toward the reopening of the museum in 2016, I helped to develop and launch the new platform, including business driven applications for online ticketing and marketing.

In 2018 I lead the effort to rearchitect and migrate SFMOMA.org to a community driven open source platform. This effort had the simultaneous advantages of widening the breadth of potential contributors and driving down the cost of hosting, maintenance and feature development.

As Creative Technologist as SFMOMA, I championed an innovative and ethical technology strategy, and through advocacy and consensus building within the organization, executed this strategy in the form of policy, services, and creative methods of audience engagement.

At SFMOMA I developed a framework for building and launching budget conscious digital initiatives. With the help a developer, this framework facilitated the launch of mission driven sites such as Open Space, Public Knowledge (SFMOMA’s partnership with the San Francisco Public Library) and a site for the Artists Gallery.