Rethink: Web

Exploring the ways the modern web could foster exploration, experiment, and connectivity.

Experience @ SFMOMA | 2018


In 2018 I created and organized Rethink: Web, an interdisciplinary workshop meant to interrogate the accepted standards of the modern web. The workshop took place over the course of two weekends and generated a number of speculative alternatives proposing how the web might be experienced from a more human centered perspective.

Graphic identity by Omar Mohammad

In the months after workshop we synthesized these materials into a series essays and prototypes that were published on Open Space, SFMOMA’s interdisciplinary commissioning platform.

In my introduction to the series I articulate the impetus behind the project:

“The web became efficient rather than engaging, uniform rather than evocative; a series of frameworks and walled gardens meant to reduce the user’s expressive agency. The metaphors of site and page prevailed…Might we provoke reflection regarding the largely ignored capabilities of expression the web provides?”