Project 2: UX

November 18, 2020

Last week I created a user story where the user was Simon Tashimoto. How would a project with an audience of one express itself / take form. Both my advisor and some from my cohort expressed interest in the idea, but also wondered: why? What is motivating the use of this object / experience?

After some further research, I thought maybe the project is more about the journey of an artist than any particular artist. Could this experience then take the form of a quiz where each of the questions feeds an algorithm that steers the end result in a certain direction?

Some research yielded a recent thread on twitter discussing artworks that take the form of a quiz or survey. I also was thinking of artists like Everest Pipkin whose work often takes the form of questionnaires / world building exercises. A recent work, The Cloisters, is a prompt for dialogue between two players.

Another example that comes to mind the is the 36 Questions to Fall in Love quiz.

With all that in mind, I decided to make a prototype of 4 questions, each answer would inform the creation of a digital print in the style of Simon Tashimoto.

In my prototype there would be 4 variables to influence: the size of the grid, the number of shapes drawn on the grid, the color palette and the direction the shapes were pointed in. Since my systems map had four branches I decided to keep the number 4 as an ongoing theme in the process.

The quiz is in the second person and each question allows one to ruminate on an important decision in Tashimoto’s life, and perhaps the life of any artist.

When the quiz is completed the user will end up with a unique digital print based on Tashimoto’s work but influenced by the answers they gave to the quiz.

TO DO: Wire up the quiz to the print generator. You can view them separately now…


Print generator: