Potential Audiences

November 9, 2020

It’s been difficult for me to wrap my head around the publics / counterpublics framing. It may be because my topic is so specific that a counterpublic seems unreasonable? It’s also been hard to develop an idea of a public beyond vagaries of “art enthusiast” or “vintage print collector”.

Audience #1: Simon Tashimoto

As the hope of finding Simon Tashimoto becomes more unlikely, it’s occurred to me that Simon Tashimoto himself could be the intended audience for my project. Could a speculative biography of him be something he finds while browsing a book store? Could my method of search turn from active research to passive broadcast? In that way the form could something more akin to a fill-in-the-blank exercise. A monograph with blank pages that would invite Tashimoto to fill it in himself.

Audience #2: Collectors

My second audience might be the folks who collect Simon Tashimoto prints. From my research I can determine that there are people who collect Tashimoto’s prints. I wonder if a monograph-like book or checklist of his known work would be useful to them.

Making this audience the center of the project might change its form. What do collectors know about the artist? Do they care to know more about the artist? Do they care how his work might rest in context to his contemporaries? Or is his work mostly seen as decoration.

It might be interesting to lean into the decoration angle and create a series of wall papers or tiles.