MIMA Open Call: Part 1

August 11, 2020

The assignment is to create an exhibition proposal for the fictional Museum of Interactive Media Art (MIMA). My partner for this assignment is Adam, and we had some pretty fruitful initial brainstorming sessions.

We were both interested in interrogating some foundational assumptions of interaction, namely that so far we’ve been experiencing it as primarily a visual pursuit. During my time working in museums I became very interested in accessibility research, and how if we start projects not from a visual assumption, but from something more egalitarian we can end up with a much more unique experience.

So our thinking snaked around the contours of synesthesia, non-visual senses, human senses beyond the “big five”, and senses that animals have that humans do not.

Link to coggle

We eventually had enough in our mind map to start sculpting a narrative and getting specific on exhibit ideas. After leaving our exhibit people should recognize new things in their environment that they previously were unaware of or infuse things with life that were dismissed as uninteresting.

To do this we began to craft a narrative arc that would:

  1. Translate a non-visual sense to something visual
  2. Illustrate a human sense that most folks don’t realize is a sense
  3. Commission a series of non-visual artworks
  4. Create an interactive with a non-human sense

This narrative should draw a line from something fundamentally familiar through a new world of senses that most people are unaware of, thus allowing a visitor to unlock parts of their everyday environment they did not know exist.

With this in mind we assembled a mood board in Are.na: https://www.are.na/jay-mollica/mima-moods

This is trickier than it might normally be since we are veering away from a purely visual aesthetic so our mood board is a little metaphysical.