Interface Lab Week 4: Audio + Rag Dolls + WIP

August 18, 2020

This week we were given the imperative to integrate audio with a physical interface. Christian gave a nice demo of how we might use an LDR to create a theremin-like interaction.

I had previously discovered an old 3d scan of my head that I got on a tour of Autodesk a few years ago.

With both these things on my mind I decided to try to create a Being John Malkovich type scene where I have a world populated by little version of myself shouting my name at random intervals. I definitely overreached this week and am still in the middle of the project going into week 5.

This would require research into 1. audio playing 2. rag doll generation + animation

I imagined a scene where on the press of a button a new doppelganger would generate with a random behavior such as running, walking, crouching etc.

I first build an environment with a giant head in the middle and attached an audio file to it so that as you got closer the sound would get louder. Later we’ll be attaching sound files to doppelgangers so this seemed like a good place to start.

This was also my first time wiring up WASD controls to a game object, and I got them crossed, so will have to go back and fix that.

Next step is to find a generic character prefab and replace their head with my own. I found an asset named “Jeremy” for free which was suitably generic. Going through the rag doll wizard for the first time was unexpectedly time consuming and unintuitive. Results were iffy…

I was unable to swap in my head for the dummy’s because my head asset does not have physics attached to it or something?

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a physical interface wired to create a randomized dummy.