Final Thoughts: Who is Simon Tashimoto?

December 1, 2020

Researching this project proved to be very frustrating for me. I guess I naively thought information would be easier to come by on Simon Tashimoto, but really I know little if anything more at the end of this than at the start. What I took away from this project was the nuances of audience, publics and communication strategies, which I think I will be attempting to understand better in perpetuity.

I put a lot of time into researching and organizing artwork images, but I think I should have allotted more time to experience and user testing. Being prepared upfront for the dearth of information would have been helpful.

The feedback I received was largely appreciative of the pursuit, but found the “why?” of the project lacking. I agreed it was a hard question to tackle in the face of such fruitless research. Marina had the advice to focus more generally on the journey of an artist, which was helpful and gave me the idea for the final experience.

Some unexpected feedback was a person contacted me over twitter to say they appreciated my research on Simon Tashimoto…

I found inspiration in the work of Simon Tashimoto, I was particularly drawn to his adherence to a grid-like form which made it interesting to translate into a digital sketch. I was also able to find a sort of alternate inspiration in the lack of information, and had some fun building a portrait of the artist through inference rather than direct observation. Why is the life of the artist important to appreciating their output?

Initially, I thought this would be a straightforward research project with a relatively dry experience, however through the course of the project it was clear that the final product would have to rely more on the experience than the research. I would have liked to focus more on physical forms. The prototyping was interesting but I should have spent more time on it, I found it hard to think of ideas easily.