Animated Poster: Final

August 6, 2020

Animated GIF

Part 1: Ideation

Part 2: WIP

My final product ended up being an oscillation between the red and blue color states. The red represents the time the main characters spend emotionally entangled in Hong Kong, and the blue represents the cooling of passions years after the central incidents of the film.

The keyhole is the symbolic centerpiece, emphasizing the movie’s themes of vacancy, presence and secrets. The keyhole also references the cracks and holes to which Chow entrusts his secrets. The image of the ruins through the keyhole also gestures at the ultimate conceit of the film, that is time will pass no matter what you think is waiting for you in the future.

According to the director, In The Mood For Love, is a film about fleeting time, beauty and love. With that in mind, Angkor Wat serves as a visual cue for the passage of time. After reading more about the movie I learned that the Chinese title translates to “The Flowery Years”, which is a Chinese metaphor that might not have a direct correlation to English. In The Mood For Love became the English title only late in the film’s production, and almost seems inconsequential to its themes. I decided to deemphasize the title by having it disappear completely during the poster’s blue state.

Were my Adobe CS skills more developed, I would have tried more variations on the keyhole theme. The film is set in the early 60’s, so a retro feel like the Breathless poster would have been fun.

My typography and font skills are also pretty maladroit, so with more time / skills, I would have liked to incorporate more text and credits. Additionally, I would have liked to provide more continuity between the red and blue phases by having something common between them, perhaps the smoke from a cigarette in the red phase could transform to the clouds in the blue phase.